Resources for Finding a Caregiver

Here are some suggestions for finding a caregiver for your loved one. At the locations below you may be able to post an ad or the staff there can provide more assistance. To locate any of the following, try checking the phone book, Internet yellow pages, chamber of commerce, state?s department of labor website, or local parks and recreation departments.

Community centers: Usually available in most cities, these centers provide educational and recreational classes and activities for all different age groups.
Library: Provided by most cities, a library is a facility that makes information resources publicly available by allowing citizens to check out books, DVDs and to review and research all kinds of information in a variety of formats (microfiche, CD, web). Usually, there are bulletin boards or information available to learn about community resources.
Local college or university: These are academic centers that offer classes and education for individuals to obtain higher academic degrees beyond a high school diploma. Colleges and universities generally have some sort of career center that provides job listings in the area for students.
Recreation centers: These are community resources that offer physical classes, organized sports and activities.
Religious organizations: Churches, synagogues, mosques and other gathering places of worship often provide community or special services such as volunteer home health aides or job bulletin boards.
Senior centers: These are centers that offer educational and recreational activities for senior citizens. There usually is staff that can help with providing community services to help with home chores or health care. These centers may also provide or be able to assist with locating respite or adult day center information.
Senior employment or volunteer centers: These are centers that provide services to match senior citizens with either paid or volunteer jobs. These centers may also have access to resources or community services that can provide home care.
State and local employment agencies: These agencies help people find employment. They generally offer all kinds of career education and activities as well as job posting and career placement services.
YMCA/YWCA: Young Men?s Christian Association or Young Women?s Christian Association offers recreational and educational resources and programs to the community. They typically have staff that can help with locating professional home care services.

To find a home health provider or professional caregiver in your area, click here


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