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Q: My 78-year-old father is experiencing the early stages of dementia. What can I do to minimize his frustration?

A: First, be sure that your father has been thoroughly assessed by a physician and that he is properly diagnosed. In some cases, dementia symptoms are caused by a treatable medical condition. If your father has been diagnosed with a progressive (irreversible) dementia, continue to pay close attention to his behavior...Read more



Potential Causes of Behavior Problems

Symptoms of dementia can cause a flood of emotions and physical reactions, which can manifest in behavioral problems. Understanding the cause and effect can help family and professional caregivers cope better with situations that may arise.

Reaction to Loss:

We all rely on input from our environment to guide us in activities and relationships. An individual with dementia has lost both the benefit of such input and the ability to inform us of their internal world. This absence causes fear, insecurity and frustration, which may present in the form of aggression and agitated behavior.

Some Suggestions:

  • Provide reassurance.
  • Speak in a calm voice.
  • Promote a sense... Read More

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Avoid caregiver burnout. Make time for yourself. Join caregiver support groups. Pursue interests beyond your caregiving role, such as exercise, hobbies, journaling and art.

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