Selecting a Physician Checklist

Directions: This checklist is intended to be used when either selecting a new doctor for your loved one or reevaluating your loved one's current doctor.

Name of Doctor:

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Is the doctor in your loved one's insurance company's network of providers?
If not, can you or your loved one afford to cover the costs not covered by the insurance company?
Is the doctor board certified for the specialty needed for providing care to your loved one (example: geriatrics, cardiology, etc.)?
Is the doctor's office located nearby?
Are the appointment times made available convenient and by the date needed?
Is the doctor affiliated with the preferred hospital?
Does the doctor have a back up doctor or service for after hours and when on vacation?
Is the doctor's age, gender and/or language appropriate?
Does the doctor take an active interest in your loved one's health?
Is the doctor receptive to questions?
Is the doctor familiar with alternative treatment methods and open to other options than conventional treatments?

Based upon number of questions where you answered "No", determine if this doctor is the right doctor for your loved one. To find additional doctors start with the provider network listed on your loved one's health insurance carrier's website or call their member services department to order a provider network guide.


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