Tips for Preventing Falls

Here are some suggestions for reducing the risk of falls.

Remove all throw rugs from the house ? throw rugs force a person to change the height he or she lifts his or her foot when walking. Many people do not adjust and catch their toes.
Install thinner carpet ? thicker carpet causes ankles to wobble causing unsteadiness.
Remove all electrical or telephone cords from walking areas.
Store frequently used items at waist level to avoid reaching and bending. Move the microwave to the counter not overhead. Do not use stepladders or stepstools.
Be sure hallways and staircases are well lit.
Use handrails when walking up or down stairs.
Be extra careful when the bathroom floor is wet. Install handrails and non-slip strips where needed.
Wipe up any kitchen spills as soon as they happen.
Check chair and bed height. Higher chairs are easier to get out of. Having armrests on the chair assists so you can push and you don't need to pull to stand up.
If you use glasses, keep them within easy reach when going to bed. Turn on the bedroom light if you get up in the middle of the night. Get out of your bed slowly. Sit before standing up.
Wear shoes and slippers that have non-skid soles. Avoid wearing socks only.


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