Caregiving - Respite-Taking a Break

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Respite provides caregivers a break from their daily responsibilities. Respite can cover a wide range of services based upon the unique needs of the caregiver.

Respite might mean:

  • Medical or social adult day care for the loved one or friend
  • A short-term stay in a nursing home or assisted living facility for the loved one or friend
  • A home health aide or home health companion
  • A private duty nurse

Respite for the caregiver might be:

  • Giving the caregiver a short break for a doctor's appointment or to go shopping
  • Allowing the caregiver the opportunity to nap, bathe, or otherwise rejuvenate
  • A break to attend a church service or see a movie
  • Taking a much needed vacation
  • Pampering oneself with a hair appointment or manicure
  • Scheduling elective surgery
  • Simply visiting friends or other family members

However you choose to take a break, make sure you do it often enough to maintain a healthy balance between caregiving and your personal needs.

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