4 Messages for Family Caregiver

By Suzanne Mintz, National Family Caregivers Association

Believe in yourself

Trust your instincts. Let your inner voice guide your decision making for your loved one and yourself. Believing in ?You? is the first step toward building confidence, an essential tool in coping with being a family caregiver.

Protect your health

Taking care of yourself is not a luxury; it?s a necessity. If your health is compromised it?s hard for you to be an effective caregiver. Your life is hard enough. For your own sake, and your loved one?s, take good care.

Reach out for help

Family caregiving is not a one-person job. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Help comes in various forms; from others pitching in, to having more information about your loved one?s condition and sympathetic understanding from your boss.

Speak up for your rights

In your daily life speak up for respect and more support for yourself and your loved one. Speak up for the rights of all family caregivers by talking about the need for education, financial support and better chronic illness care.


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