By Dr. Marion Somers, Ph. D., Ask Dr. Marion

QUESTION: Dear Doctor Marion,

Me and my mother live together and I know she has to exercise, and so do I, so how can I make exercise fun for both of us? Mary Jane in Connecticut, 51

ANSWER: Hi Mary Jane,

I'm so glad you realize how important this is for your health as well as your mother's. When we hear the word exercise, too often we get intimidated by thoughts of lifting heavy weights or joining a gym. But we must realize that exercise in any form is good for us. Encourage your mother to exercise regularly. Walking can do the trick, and isometric activities can be done with little to no equipment. This eliminates excuses like "I don't have the time," or "Gyms are too expensive." Nowadays, there are also TV channels and DVDs dedicated to exercise that you and your mother can follow along right from home. Exercise is a crucial part of aging well, so take responsibility and get your mother going today.

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