HFA Logo While we often think of the grief associated with death, there are many other losses in our lives that cause us to grieve. Hospice Foundation of America has information that should help you understand some of the challenges you must face when coping with grief. Advice from Hospice Foundation of America can help you understand and face the many challenges of grief, including how to help a grieving family member or friend.

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Q: My father has cancer and his physician has recommended hospice. My family has very little financial resources. How is hospice care paid for?

A: Hospice care is a covered benefit under Medicare for patients with a prognosis of 6 months or less. Medicaid covers hospice services in most states. Many private health insurance policies and HMO's offer hospice coverage and benefits. Hospice services are also covered under TRICARE. Frequently, hospice expenses are less than...Read more



More Than a Feeling

By Kenneth J. Doka, PhD

When speaking of grief, we often speak of the feelings that we can experience in grief— feelings like anger, sadness, loneliness, guilt, or even relief. Yet, while feelings are often part of the grief voyage, feelings are not the only way we grieve.

Grief can affect us at every level. For some of us, the experience of grief is very physical. Our bodies hurt. We may experience all sorts of pains and aches. Our stomachs may seem perpetually upset. We may find it difficult to sleep or we may feel tired and sleepy all the time. Our... Read More

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Realize that you do not have to struggle alone. We all can share our grief with family and friends. Seek help from clergy or counselors. Hospices and funeral homes may be able to suggest mutual support groups. And librarians and bookstores can recommend books that can assist as you grieve.

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