Respiratory Aids

Oxygen supplies and air filtering devices are vital to many older adults with respiratory conditions.

The ability to perform just about any task starts with the ability to breathe comfortably. Machines and other products keep seniors supplied with breathable air.

Respiratory aids include:
  • Air purifiers that specialize in filtering different contaminants
  • Humidifiers that address both serious and minor breathing needs
  • Portable and at-home oxygen supplies


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Air Purifiers & Humidifiers

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Air that's fine for most older adults can aggravate breathing ailments in others. Check out the latest models, including personal models that encourage mobility. 
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A reliable, safe supply of oxygen greatly reduces stress for older adults and caregivers alike. Learn about in-home oxygen supply systems as well as portable devices. 
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If your loved one is having problems with swallowing, have them see a pathologist that specializes in swallowing.