Balancing Work & Caregiving

High stress, changing schedules, and competing demands are a constant threat to working caregivers' well-being. If you hold a job and provide care -- as most caregivers do -- start protecting yourself by actively addressing schedule problems, taking advantage of support programs, and reaching out to others.

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Learn how and when to approach your supervisor about caregiving's effect on your work.

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Our guide to balancing work and caregiving offers support, suggestions, and tools to help you meet both responsibilities without sacrificing your health. Learn how to approach your boss, make use of employer programs that benefit caregivers, manage your busy schedule, ask for help, and cope with stress.

Content shown was developed in collaboration between AGIS and Family Caregiver Alliance.

Work/Caregiving Balance

Caregiving not your only job? Get help managing your schedule, negotiating with your boss, and saving some time for yourself.


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