• To simplify the dressing process, arrange clothes in the order they are to be put on.
  • Provide loose-fitting clothing that is easy to get on and off and to wash.
  • If your loved one refuses to change clothes, avoid the argument. Suggest it again later.

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For those with dementing illnesses, dressing presents several challenges, including choosing what to wear, taking some clothes on or off, and struggling with buttons, zippers, and other enclosures. With some preparation, you can help your loved one maintain independence and minimize frustration.

Allow your loved one to pick from a small selection of outfits and remove seldom-worn clothes from the closet. If he or she wants to wear the same thing every day, buy a few identical sets.

Elastic and Velcro can alleviate problems with buttons and zippers. Busy patterns may be confusing, so opt for solid colors with contrast your loved one will be able to distinguish. Stick with what works. If your loved one is dressed a bit strangely but appears comfortable, just let it go.

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