Adaptive clothing and dressing aids can help your loved one balance convenience and appearance.

Your loved one may value appearance as much as you do, but no one wants to spend half the day getting dressed. Find special clothes and dressing devices that can help.

Adaptive clothing may include:
  • Elastic waistbands, cuffs, and shoelaces
  • Side zippers
  • Velcro enclosures
  • Easily washable, wrinkle-resistant material
  • Special garments for those in wheelchairs 


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Adaptive Clothing

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Clothing that accommodates particular health conditions and needs can save time and help your loved one feel better about the way he or she looks. 
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Dressing Aids

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Without help, getting dressed and undressed can be a painful challenge. A variety of simple devices can help older adults tie their shoes, put their pants on, and more. 
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