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Elder Abuse
The situation where an older adult has been abused, neglected or exploited.
Elder Abuse Shelters
Temporary housing facilities that provide a safe location for older adults who are victims of abuse, neglect or exploitation.
Elder Law
The area of law pertaining to the rights and legal matters concerning older adults. This includes such subjects as estate planning, wills, guardianship, powers of attorney, Medicare & Medicaid.
Elder Rights & Assistance
Agencies and services that assist older adults who have been neglected, abused or exploited.
Caregiving delivered to an older adult that is in need of assistance.
End of Life Care
Services to help the terminally ill and their families cope with the end stages of life.
Estate Planning
Refers to the process of planning for what will happen to an individual's assets in the event of his/her death. This generally requires an attorney's involvement.
An individual appointed to administer the terms of a will.