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Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)
Supportive services including home health care, personal care, adult day care, respite care and assisted living facilities to help people with disabilities to live in the community. Each state has a mix of funding sources and programs. Medicaid and other federal, state and local agencies support such programs.
Home Health Agency
A service that locates and manages health professionals who provide services in the home such as nursing, physical therapy, or personal care.
Home Health Aide (HHA)
A professional who is trained to provide assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, eating and cooking, and light housekeeping in order to assist the patient with living independently in a safe environment. These individuals are not licensed to deliver medical care.
Home Health Care
Health, personal and social care provided in the home to individuals who are functionally or cognitively impaired.
Home Modifications
Changes made to adapt living spaces to meet the needs of individuals with physical or mental limitations so they can continue to live independently and safely. Modifications can range from replacing doorknobs with pull handles to full-scale construction projects.
Also referred to as home chore services, a professional who provides assistance with household duties and personal care including cleaning, preparing meals, doing laundry, shopping or arranging transportation.
A program providing support services such as pain and symptom management, social services, and emotional support for the terminally ill and their families. Care can be provided at home or in facilities.