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Geriatric Care Manager
Also known as a Case or Care Manager. A professional who provides an assessment of an older adult's capabilities to create a care plan to address housing, medical, social and other needs.
A medical specialist who treats older adults. These are generally internal medicine or family practice physicians who have completed additional training and certification.
GI Tube
A tube inserted surgically into the stomach so that an individual can receive nutritional sustenance without eating food through the mouth.
Group Homes
Residential homes or facilities that offer personal care and individual attention for older adults, people with disabilities and others whose limitations prevent them from living alone. Group homes (which are also known as board and care homes, residential board and care homes, personal care homes or residential care facilities for the elderly) generally provide a room (which may be shared), meals and supervision; and may specialize in specific needs such as Alzheimer's disease or developmental disabilities.
A legal procedure that grants an individual guardian status over another individual who can no longer make decisions for him or herself. This impacts the subject's rights and as such is usually used as a last approach.