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Paid Caregiver
A home health aide, nurse or homemaker who is hired to care for an individual who cannot care for themselves in either a private home or other housing facility. Some paid caregivers are licensed to provide care such as nurses while others such as home health aides or homemakers do not have to meet any prerequisites or obtain a license to provide care. The paid caregiver may be managed or supervised by a home health agency. Also referred to as a formal caregiver.
Palliative Care
Pain management services to provide comfort to those with life-threatening illness.
Personal Care
The functions a caregiver provides when assisting with activities of daily living, taking medications, grooming, ambulation, changing positions, and other tasks.
Physical Therapy
Physician-prescribed services to improve movement, muscle control, flexibility and range of motion and reduce or prevent physical disability.
Post-acute Care
Care provided to an individual after a hospital stay and is often related to that stay.
Power of Attorney
A legal document granting someone the right to make decisions for another.
Pressure Ulcers
Also known as bed sores, these are a form of skin damage that occur when bony parts of the body press against other parts or a mattress or chair for a period of time.
This refers to individuals or facilities that offer health care or caregiving such as hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies.