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Registered Nurse (RN)
A state-licensed individual who has completed training and passed a specific examination in order to perform nursing services.
Treatments for individuals who have suffered a stroke, brain or spinal cord injury, or pain that cannot be controlled by medication alone. This also includes return-to-work programs or occupational rehabilitation, which help individuals regain skills they need.
Residential Care Facilities
A broad term used to describe group homes, assisted living facilities, board and care homes, specialized senior apartments, skilled nursing facilities or other facilities that provide services where individuals live.
Residential Care Homes
Residential homes or facilities that offer personal care and individual attention for older adults, people with disabilities and others whose limitations prevent them from living alone. Adult residential care homes generally provide a room, meals and supervision; and may specialize in specific needs such as Alzheimer's disease or developmental disabilities. These homes are often unlicensed.
Respite Care
Temporary or intermittent care for individuals with functional or cognitive impairments that provides relief to caregivers from the demands of ongoing care. This care can be provided in the home, in the community or overnight at a facility.
Retirement Communities
Communities that provide shelter and support services to older adults who are nearly or totally independent. The level of services may include housekeeping, meal preparation, recreational and social activities, and transportation.
Reverse Mortgage
A type of loan where an individual borrows against the value of their home and does not have to pay back the principal until he/she sells the home or leaves the home permanently.